Service creek shuttle service

what is a shuttle service?

When you go float on the river, you travel from point A,(the Put In) to point B(the Take Out). A shuttle service takes your vehicle that you left at point A, and drives it to point B where you’re coming off the river.

why should i use service creek shuttles?

There are a handful of shuttle services for the John Day river area, but Service Creek offers a few things the rest don’t. We make sure all of our drivers have a valid drivers license, are sober, and most importantly, we cover all 260 miles of the John Day River

We offer a discount for a group of 3 or more vehicles. To qualify for this discount, one person must email in all shuttle forms,(one for each vehicle) all must have same information other than vehicle information. (Same time, date, put in & take out.) One person must pay with a credit card for all shuttles. The group will have one confirmation number to be added to their form.

Download the shuttle form below and email it back to us at Don’t forget to call us before your trip to get a confirmation number, and make sure we got your form

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Download Shuttle Form!